Technology Education & Computer Literacy

Technology Education at St. Thomas the Apostle School prepares students K – 8th with an early start to technological literacy with emphasis on preparation for High School and responsible digital citizenship.  Technology education and curriculum at STA is developed using the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) and real world application of technology tools.  Curriculum at STA is re-evaluated and adjusted  yearly.  All students at STA participate in weekly technology classes in our enhanced computer lab.

Students in grades K-3 learn the fundamentals of technology including computer operation, hardware identification, corresponding technology vocabulary and an introduction to the Internet.  Beginning in 3th grade and continuing through 8th grade, students learn to use the Microsoft Office suite of software (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), Google Docs and Open Office.  Students learn and practice efficient web research, internet safety, responsible web independence (surfing), digital footprints, social networks, sharing and real world problem solving.  Ten finger touch-typing is taught and reinforced for all computer related assignments.  Homeroom class projects are integrated into technology classes through practice and utilization of Internet research, software knowledge and touch-typing skills.


The St. Thomas the Apostle School computer lab is fully equipped with a school wide file server (designed and built by STA 7th and  8th graders in the STA Technology Workshop class), NAS server for the computer lab, new Apple iMac desktops, Apple iPad and PC laptop portable labs, gigabit wired and wireless network and a Smart Technologies SmartBoard for interactive and engaged learning.  Technology at STA is extended campus wide through ultra fast gigabit fiber optic wired and mesh wireless networks, off campus mobile Hotspots, Apple computers in all the classrooms and library, and interactive Smart Boards in our state-of-the-art Science Lab, Computer lab, Kindergarten – 8th grade classrooms and library.

Students are excited, engaged and enthusiastic about learning technology at St. Thomas the Apostle School.  With technology being progressive, STA strives to prepare and challenge students to utilize the proper tools, research methods, think critically, and use technology to facilitate a lifetime of achievement.