Online Learning

At this time we do not have grade specific information, but we will be updating the page as information becomes available. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Update 3/12 9:38 pm

As written in the email which was just sent out, on line classes will begin tomorrow morning. All students in grades 2-8 will be expected to be on line between 8:00 and 9:00 for attendance and to receive information about the day’s activities/schedule. During the first session the teachers will advise as to the method of taking attendance.

These students will be using Microsoft Teams. The students know how to log in and have had the opportunity to work with the system. Teams can be run in most browsers, but it can also be installed on your computer/tablet/phone by visiting

Students in our preschool through 1st grade we will need to check in for on line classes at 9:00. For these students we will be using Zoom for video conferencing. Each grade will have a different conference room. Please note that Zoom does require a quick software install so it would be a good idea to check in a little early on the first day. Class specific Zoom links were included in the email.

Update 3/12 5:20 pm

We are putting the final touches and getting web addresses lined up, but the quick summary is that beginning tomorrow morning all grades will be expected to meet on line by 9:00. The methods will vary depending on grade level, but the Archdiocese does require a morning check in. The individual teachers will plan out the reset of the day’s activities. Please stay tuned here and on email for more details.

Update 3/11 11:05 am

Just a quick suggestion that it might be best if a headset with a microphone is available for the students to use. This is not mandatory, but it makes it easier for students to block out background noise when they are on line. Almost any cell phone headset with a 3.5 mm jack will do. Headphones without a microphone will work, but not quite as well as they will need to use the built in microphone on the computer.

Update 3/11 9:12 am

Most students will be given homework at the end of the day today. As written in our action plan last week, the faculty and staff will be meeting tomorrow to set up the teaching schedule which will be followed during the next two weeks. On Friday information will be posted on this page as to when and how to join classes. The classes will be primarily run through Microsoft Teams. We are working with our students today to verify that they are prepared to use this tool. Since Teams can operate within most web browsers it will work on a wide variety of machines. It can also be installed as an app or program on Windows, Mac, iOS, and android. Please visit to install the software for your device. Our students also have the full Microsoft Office suite available to install on their personal devices. Anybody needing assistance with installing software should feel free to contact us.

Update: 3/10 7:33 pm

Parents of students who have laptops at school should be sure to bring a properly padded computer bag to school. Students using a rental laptop can bring the machine home if needed. Please let us know if you plan to take the rental home. Additionally, STA is committed to ensuring our students have access to the necessary technology during this period and we have some machines which students will be able to use during this time. If you need assistance with a device to use please let us know.