Mission and Philosophy


MissSLE1St. Thomas the Apostle School is dedicated to making Christ a vital part of the lives of its students by providing a strong Catholic/Christian community, a solid doctrinal foundation in the Catholic tradition, academic excellence, and an environment in which each child, respected and valued as a unique individual, is encouraged to achieve his/her full potential. In community with the parents, the primary educators, all school personnel respond to this challenge by providing a Christ-centered atmosphere and opportunities in which the dignity and worth of each child is valued and respected by all.


St. Thomas the Apostle School community exists to serve its students and their parents. The school provides a solid academic foundation in a Catholic/Christian atmosphere where the experienced staff responds to the individual needs of the students. We provide formal religious instruction in the Catholic tradition and a spirit of respect and service, to help form Christian attitudes in our students. Parents are encouraged to join the faculty in building a school community in which children learn and grow.

To provide a learning environment in which the needs of staff and students are respected, St. Thomas the Apostle School has established clearly stated rules and procedures. We believe that teachers, as facilitators, have a right to teach, and students have a right to learn in a pleasant, clean, and safe environment. Teachers and students work cooperatively to follow the St. Thomas the Apostle standards of conduct.

Each child is valued as a unique person with individual gifts and needs. The staff encourages each student to develop a strong self-esteem, and to make an active contribution to the school and community. Our challenging academic program provides an opportunity to discover the joy of learning and the pleasure of intellectual, cultural, and physical activities. We appreciate and respect the religious, racial, economic, social, and cultural diversity within our student community.

St. Thomas the Apostle School believes parents are the primary educators of their children. Therefore, we seek a partnership, based on mutual respect, trust, and open communication, with each child’s family.