Flexible Fridays

Welcome to Flexible Fridays

Take the day to explore some new activities.

A great place to start is by checking out some of the challenges at Creative Corner

Here are some activities and web sites to select from for your electives.

Pursue Your Passion

Ever wanted to try something new or be better at one of your current hobbies or activities.

Try out some on-line courses; maybe its Robotics, playing an instrument, coding, drawing.

You have plenty of time. The sky’s the limit.
There’s literally thousands of activities at your finger-tips.
Use your computer time for self-development.

Family Time

Spend some un-plug outdoors time together as a family. Take a picture and post.

Bike, hike,
garden. Whatever you love to do.

Your Own Idea

Come up with a great idea of how to spend Flexible Friday to share with your class.

Write a description and include a picture if possible. It may be chosen and posted next week.

Lend a Helping Hand

Try a new chore or help a family member with a project around the house. Ex. Bake or cook a meal. Help with laundry.
Clean your room. Play you’re your younger sibling.

Write or take a picture of what you did to share

Become an Ornithologist

Spring is a great time to watch birds preparing for their chicks. It does require patience and luck to see something magical.
Compare and contrast the activities of Hummingbirds and Peregrines.

Watch some peregrine falcons
Watch some hummingbirds

See if you can find other species of birds on live webcams
Record any sightings in your garden or neighborhood. Try to identify the species.

STA Prayer

Compose a new STA Distance Learning prayer

Write a prayer to bring inspiration, comfort and strength to our school community during this time of SIP.

4 or 5 lines long

Post and we will choose one to be included during morning prayers.

STA Event Planner

How to hold a celebration when we are all far apart.

Come up with some novel ideas for this year’s Fun Day.

How can we celebrate the end of school and have fun together?

Come up with ideas for your STA Family or Classmates.

STA journalism

Get together with your pals and create a newspaper.

Be a photojournalist capturing this unchartered time

Write an opinion piece about new experiences

Investigate a current news topic and report on in kid-friendly terms.


Some STEAM activities


Maker Activities

Science Activity

Watch and complete one activity from any of these zoos


Subject related activities

ELA Art /Music Science/Math Social Studies
Reaching Out

Write a letter or card to someone you miss.

If you need to mail it, take a picture first.

STA Dancer

Video yourself dancing to your favorite song.

Measurement Mastery

Measure and record the height of everyone in your family.

Draw a picture/diagram of everyone and label their height.

(record in both feet and meters)

Become a Family Historian

Interview your family

Create a family tree

Find out how your parents met!

Write or video a short “family history”.

SSR- Silent Sustained Reading

Find a comfy place and curl up with your favorite book for at least half an hour or more.

STA Designer

Build a structure from toy parts or recycled materials.

Take a picture and be ready to share.

Give it a name!

Create a code

Write a note to a friend using a secret code.

Give your friend the key to your code so they can decipher it.

Corona Virus Time Capsule

Place into a shoebox five items that represent this stay at home period.

Write a diary entry to place in the box to explain your selection.

A picture is worth a thousand words….

Find an interesting picture and write a paragraph to describe what’s happening.

Protective Mask

Make a mask for spending time outside.

Example making a mask from an old t-shirt (https://youtu.be/5-gjBR_TT2w

Be creative, but it must be protective too.

Growing a plant from a seed

Grow a plant from a seed.

Record its progress through dated photographs.

This will require the purchase of package of seeds, a container and potting soil.

At least a four-week project!

What Am I? Property Riddle

Choose 5 items in your home to write 5 characteristics about.

Using 5 index cards or 5 pieces of paper, write the characteristics on one side and the answer on the other.

Be prepared to share on video chat, Flipgrid, or Zoom.

Websites to visit:





Story time with Mrs. Stansfield