Faculty and Staff

Administrator Fr. Andrew Spyrow
Principal Gerry Maddalozzo
Vice Principal Director of Academic Support Alicia Cabe-Reyes
First Grade Amy Hester
Second Grade Sonia Pérez
Third Grade Christina Reichhold
Fourth Grade Eldon Gee
Fifth Grade Mary Gee, PhD
Sixth Grade Danielle Bergez
Seventh Grade Alexis Johnson
Eighth Grade James Watrous
Science Lorraine Cathey (Grades 4-8)
Art and Spanish Henrry Blanco
Librarian Mary Gee, PhD
P.E./Athletic Director Brooke Bianco
Drama and Music
Kid Stock, Inc.
Office Manager Kathy Lewetzow
Finance Manager Dennis Marks
STEAM Lead/Technology
Helen Gong
Pastoral Associate Director of Religious Education for the Parish Sr. Noreen O’Connor, CSJ
Afterschool Starz Club Program Director Mary MacDonnell
Preschool Director Jessie Men
Preschool Teachers Richel Garner
Junxuan Hennige
Nadia Janelli
Joanna Jiang
Roubina Kasparian 
Denise Lopez
Ludmila Makarov
Gina Piano
Stephanie Wong
Liqun Wu
Chinese School Teachers Lianbao He
Peilei Ma
Cai Yun Tan
Caixian Tan
Jinrong Xian