Chinese School

The objective of Chinese School is to promote cross-cultural understanding and increase interest in the Chinese language and culture as well as improve the communication skills for future generations.

Our students are taught to speak both Cantonese and Mandarin as well as pin yin. They are also taught to write both traditional Chinese characters as well as the Simplified form of Chinese characters. Besides learning to write the Chinese characters they are also learning Chinese language art on how to compose day to day phrases and sentences of the words and characters they learned. During assembly, they also learn Chinese culture, including some Chinese language children DVD’s. We plan to play these Chinese DVD’s to our students during classes so as to reinforce our students of what they have learned while they are enjoying themselves.

Regular scheduled classes are conducted daily at St. Thomas the Apostle. They are held on Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., following the regular St. Thomas the Apostle School session. Students of any race, color, and national and/or ethnic origin are welcome to join all the programs and activities accorded to or made available to the community.