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We had a fun week in technology this past week with our sessions in the science lab. We worked with the 8th grade to understand molecules. Using an electrical current, the students learned to separate water into its two elements – hydrogen and oxygen. The students were able to verify the presence of the two gases by observing the results of adding a flame to the end of the test tube. Spoiler – hydrogen makes a nice little popping sound.

7th grade learned about energy and sound waves, and we were able to demonstrate the spectrum of light from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared. All the students were able to make bracelets using UV sensitive beads which change color when exposed to sunlight.

Other exciting news is our new technology acquisition. We now have a 3D printer. We had fun with it over the weekend printing coins and other little objects for our 70th-anniversary celebration.
This coming week we will begin our visits to the classrooms. As part of that, we will be working more with robots. We also will be participating in art classes to add an extra dimension to those classes as well.

This week has been busy as we get things going in the new school year. We met with teachers and mapped out some exciting plans for the upcoming school year. Also, the 8th graders learned a little bit about how to get event tickets. We worked with them to ensure they were able to get the shadow dates they wanted for St Ignatius High School. Of course, now they can use the same techniques for those essential concert tickets as well 🙂

Some grades also had their first classes in the computer lab. The 4th grade is going to be set up with Microsoft Office accounts so that they can begin to work online and learn more about collaboration and cloud services. We will also be providing Office accounts to 5th – 8th graders if they do not already have a school-issued account. Please keep in mind that once students are given an Office account, they can access it from anywhere. They can begin their school work in the lab and finish it at home or wherever they have internet access. For offline use, students can install the complete office suite on up to 5 computers (Mac or PC). Additionally, the full range of tools will work on tablets and even cell phones.

This coming week will be a busy one. We will be kicking things off in science class with a couple of fun experiments. Details and pictures will be posted later. We will also be working with Mr. Blanco to add a little tech flavor to art classes.

One final note. First Lego League Robotics season is here. Sign up forms will be passed out to the junior high for those students interested in joining the team. Teams are limited to 10 members. If there are more than 10  students who wish to join we may form a non-competitive developmental group as well.

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year and the new STA Tech Blog. I am pleased to be back with STA. It will be a bit of a challenge for me as I transition from being a parent volunteer to being part of the staff. This year will be a full one with new technology-related activities and programs as well as the return of activities from last year.

We will regularly be posting here. The first objective is to let parents and students know about upcoming events and opportunities both in the school as well as externally. The second objective is to keep parents informed about classroom and extracurricular activities in which the students have been participating. As the blog develops, we will also periodically address issues and questions regarding technology and its use. We want to be a resource for students and parents.

The STEAM program will be a work in progress for the foreseeable future, and I ask for patience and assistance as it develops. In addition to the STEAM program, we will be enhancing our use of technology in the classroom and other areas of the school. I solicit input about how we can improve our programs and systems.