All posts in 6th Grade

Math:  p. 224-25 (#1-9 all)

Science:  Gravity and motion worksheet; test tomorrow

Literature:  Read Ch. 10 until Friday; Abstract poem

History:  Stock Market Game (SMG) worksheet & vocabulary due tomorrow; read Ch. 8, Section 2, define Terms & Names, and write out 3 notes per red subheading in notebooks – due next Tuesday

Spelling/Vocabulary:  Unit 10 Spelling and POS test tomorrow; Unit 10 Vocabulary test next Friday (please study all definitions, base sentences, and synonyms & antonyms)

Other:  JH Dance forms are due 1st thing tomorrow (if you didn’t turn them in today – thanks); sign Music quiz and return to school tomorrow; JH Dance tomorrow night in school auditorium, 7-9 P.M. – semi-formal dress (no jeans)

Literature – Cedar Waxwing picture with caption in notebook

Social Studies – Read Chapter 3 again. Study map of Mesopotamia. TEST on THURSDAY

Science – packet (TEST November 5th)

Math – pg. 42 #1-14 (all) yyht/ p. 35 #1-7 (odd) Review Exercise TEST TOMORROW

Spelling/Vocabulary – Completing the Sentence TEST Halloween

Religion – Bring in $0.25 for mission money this week


Social Studies- Get Test Signed

Math – p. 23 self-test (1-5) Word problems (5 steps)

P. 32 operation chart “copy” in ink

Spelling – Review 1-3 p. 42-44 all (p. 44 yyht)

Religion – Finish Activity 2 on page 57

Your children are invited and encouraged to attend their parent/teacher conference with you.

Reading: Homework Machine finish all your pages (completely done)

Spelling due Friday (test on Friday)

Saint Project due on Friday (follow your instruction sheet)

Start you paper bag project (due next Wednesday, November 13)

Science signed papers due tomorrow