8th Grade Homework AND 7th & 6th Grade Social Studies, 9/2/20

8th Grade Homework ONLY:

Math:  p. 22, #23-34 ALL (answers only)

History:  Re-read Ch. 1, Section 4 to finish discussion tomorrow; read Ch. 1, Section 5, define new T/N and five notes in notebooks; Ch. 1, Sections 4 & 5 test next Friday, 9/11/20

Literature:  Continue to prepare for ‘Night’ test coming up in several weeks

Vocabulary:  Unit 1 Spelling/POS/Vocabulary test tomorrow (study all definitions given in the unit)

Other:  Begin researching all potential high schools and think about where you’d like to apply; note that you have STEAM and possibly Spanish homework due next week; and, no online school this Friday, 9/4/20 and Monday, 9/7/20 (Labor Day).


7th Grade Social Studies ONLY:

Please YYHT the Chapter 1 final review questions from page 40 (only #5, 7, 10, 11, and 12) and respond carefully using the content from the chapter.  The instructions are provided on MS Teams ‘Assignments’; please submit by 8 A.M. tomorrow.


6th Grade Social Studies ONLY:

Please re-read Chapter 1, Lesson 3 (How Archaeologists Study the Past) on pages 27-33.  In your notebooks, make sure to finish defining the new Terms & Names on page 27 (there are six) and to write FIVE important content facts from the lesson.  Tomorrow, we will have a review discussion on Lesson 3.