8th Grade Homework, 3/9/20

Math:  p. 295, #17-33 (column 3); p. 297 self-test, #1-3

Science:  This Thursday’s field trip is canceled; finish Monterey Highway Crossover Data worksheet (due tomorrow)

Literature:  1st scrapbook page due this Friday

History:  Type & print post-Ch. 7 short responses (add edits & details based on the review of all questions today) – bring the original copy & the revision tomorrow; read & annotate until the end of Ch. 4 for ‘TATRF’; return any remaining signed Ch. 7 tests tomorrow

Vocabulary:  YYHT Unit 12’s CTRW, #1-25 on binder paper – due tomorrow; Unit 12 Spelling & POS tests this coming Friday; Unit 12 Vocabulary test next Thursday, 3/19/20 – study all elements

Religion:  SLE’s and Stations of the Cross quiz this Friday (please study all basic elements from your text & handouts); please return your Lenten folders (donations) as soon as possible – thank you to all who’ve contributed already.

Spanish:  Worksheet due by this Wednesday

Other:  Reconciliation for Catholic students tomorrow (please review the ‘Act of Contrition’); please continue to return all pottery class permission slips & summer school volunteer forms; Spring Pictures this Wednesday; cookie orders due as soon as possible; 8:30 A.M. Mass & Stations this Friday; Pizza/Bingo event is canceled this Friday.