8th Grade Homework, 3/18/20 AND 7th & 6th Grade Social Studies Updates

8th:  You have a Religion writing assignment on MS Teams “Assignment” – please read over the instructions of the assignment and make sure it is sent to me directly via e-mail by this Friday morning.  If you need clarification or help, please feel free to reach out through the ‘chat feature’.  Also, please respond via ‘chat’ to my History inquiry regarding the post-Ch. 7 History question by tomorrow morning; again, refer to MS Teams “Assignment” for details.  See you on-line tomorrow morning by 8 A.M. for attendance and 9 A.M. for class.

7th:  Please be sure that all Ch. 9, Lesson 2 work is finished:  reading, T/N, 3 notes per red subheading, and Main Ideas & Critical Thinking #3-7 by tomorrow morning.  See you on-line tomorrow morning by 10:45 A.M. for class.

6th:  Thank you to those who submitted the ‘summaries’ for their Ancient Civilizations chapters this morning.  Check your MS Teams ‘Assignments’ tomorrow morning as you’ll have a new Social Studies assignment due by this Friday morning.  In the meantime, please continue to memorize your character/expert card lines, work on costumes & props, and finalize group skits.  Thanks.