8th Grade Homework, 3/17/20 AND 7th & 6th Grade Social Studies Updates

8th:  Please read and annotate Ch. 10 of ‘TATRF’ by tomorrow morning at 9 A.M.  Also, if you still need to finish posting your responses to this morning’s on-line questions, please do so as soon as possible.  Thanks!

7th:  Thanks for connecting on-line today & for your quick responses.  I look forward to ‘chatting on-line’ with all of you tomorrow by 10:45 A.M.  Nice start, today!

6th:  Thanks for your efforts in connecting today, and please refer to the ‘assignments’ tab on the MS TEAMS 6th grade page.  The assignment relates to my post on-line this afternoon and is due on-line by tomorrow morning (it is graded, so be sure to read and respond to the questions carefully).